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This information is designed to help answer some of the questions you may have about Someplace Safe’s Parenting Time Centers. These are generalized answers, so please feel free to contact us with questions about a specific situation.

What will parents and children do while at the Parenting Time Center?

Toys, games, books and videos are available for use while families are at the center to help make their time there comfortable and fun. For supervised parenting time, depending on the arrangements of a visit, parents may be able to provide and enjoy snacks or meals during visits as well. This time is meant for parents to interact and connect with their children, and PTC staff encourages this.

What are the benefits of supervised exchanges?

Some benefits of exchanges include: a no-contact policy protecting parties on both sides; a safe and neutral exchange site; set and consistent exchange times; documentation of all exchanges; and children are able to transition without any of the conflicts that could arise in another, unsafe setting or situation.

What are the benefits of supervised visitation?

Some benefits of supervised visitation include: children are able to spend quality time with a noncustodial parent in a safe environment; trained staff will document all interactions in an unbiased manner; and a set visitation schedule for child and parent. PTCs also have toys and activities to help foster positive interaction between child and parent.

What are the hours?

PTC offers a variety of daytime, evening and weekend hours for exchanges and supervised visitation. A schedule will be based on the availability of the PTC, taking into account input from both parties and any existing court orders.

Who pays for services?

Each party is required to pay separate fees for services provided. Fees are set based on an income-based sliding scale. In situations where a family is referred by Human Services or another referral agency, the referring agency may pay all or a portion of the fees. Contact PTC staff with any questions.

How and when can I get copies of PTC records?

All documents are kept in a family file. In order to gain access to this file, a party must have the documents subpoenaed by the court and is responsible for any copying fees that may apply.

Do families need a court order to uses services?

Although services may be court ordered, this is not mandatory. Parties can both agree to use the Parenting Time Center voluntarily. However, if both parties do not voluntarily agree to use services, a court order may become necessary.

Do Someplace Safe advocates and PTC staff interchange services?

Although Someplace Safe’s advocates and the Parenting Time Center staff work for the same organization, their services, staff, and skill sets are completely separate. Services through each are confidential and not shared with one another.