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Thrift Stores

10498526_742483825797990_6528293561357420524_oOur Purpose

We exist as viable cornerstones to raise funds and awareness for Someplace Safe services, engage communities, recycle usable goods, and provide employment and volunteer opportunities.


690 Voyager Drive #106
Alexandria MN 56308

708 Atlantic Ave
Morris MN 56267


If you are a victim of crime in need of household items and/or clothing, please contact one of our Community Advocacy Offices. We have advocates available who, based on your unique situation, may be able to provide you with a voucher that can be used to shop at our store at no cost to you.

Other agencies, such as the Salvation Army, United Way, and Love Inc., have also purchased vouchers for use by their own clients. If your agency or organization is interested in learning more, please contact a Thrift Store manager in your area.

Someplace Safe Merchandise

Someplace Safe reusable canvas bags are for sale at our Thrift Stores for only $5.

Watch for more Someplace Safe merchandise coming soon!